NFC Technology

Two Twelve Direct is a full service integrated marketing company, which means we like to do it all when it comes to direct marketing. This also means we like to cover a wide range of topics on our blog, ultimately relating them back to direct marketing. One of the hottest trends in marketing, regardless of what you are selling is technology. It’s almost impossible for us to keep up with all of the technology that is emerging and usable for our marketing purposes. Whatever you happen to be selling, the core issues always remains the same, you need people to buy your product. But as we move into the future, the way that consumers purchase your products is going to change drastically.

The major change in technology that I am most excited for is NFC technology, or Near Field Communication technology. This is the technology that gives our devices the ability to communicate at close range. There are a ton of cool uses for this technology and we are excited to see how it can evolve, but the most imminent effect it will have on our society is the creation of the mobile wallet. NFC technology isn’t exactly brand new, but the mobile wallet idea has not been supported by many large merchants and has only been available in the US as the “Google Wallet” via Sprint on Samsung phones since 2010. Interestingly Sprint also just announced that it is working on its own NFC wallet which will create something of an awkward situation for the longevity and life span of the Google Wallet. This is because At&T, Verizon, and T-mobile have formed a joint venture to distribute their own mobile wallet called “Isis” and will begin rolling out in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City,Utah this summer. For those who are interested in the politics and more detail, check out this article from the NFC Times

In terms of direct marketing, NFC technology represents a step towards the ease at which consumer will have ability to purchase directly through their televisions. People with Smart TV’s can already access the internet and use apps like Netflix or Hulu to stream video. Imagine a world where your audience watches your infomercial and then has the ability to order it instantly by holding their phone up to the remote control. Credit card number, shipping information, everything already stored and transmitted seamlessly.

It will be interesting to see how NFC technology affects the invention of new products that will all have the ability to communicate with one another through common API’s. What are your thoughts about NFC technology? How do you think NFC technology could be use to make your life easier? Do you trust a mobile wallet?


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