Twylah For Twitter

Many of you probably recognize the man in this slightly disturbing photo.

Good, I’m glad it got you attention. If you guessed Rainn Wilson, also know as Dwight on the office, you are correct. I stumbled across this photo earlier today when I stumbled across a new tool for twitter called “Twylah” (which I believe is pronounced Twhy-la). Rainn, along with many others, is one of the celebrities that has begun using this Twitter-aggregating, message-making, brand page organizer. It is still in an early roll out phase, and you must request an invite if you wish to join, but it looks like the product might turn out to be an extremely useful way to turn your tweets into a story-telling web page. I highly recommend watching the video below.

Some of the things Twylah can help you with:

Bring your message into focus: Automatically organized by your trending topics, Twylah pages show the world who you are and what you’re about at a glance.

Take your tweets beyond Twitter: Your tweets last about an hour on Twitter. Give your tweets much greater exposure and a significantly longer life.

Own your tweets and traffic: Host your Twylah pages on your domain and own the content and traffic.


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