Keep It Significant and Sharable: Twitter

You are probably familiar with the acronym K.I.S.S which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid!” or the nicer version, “Keep It Short and Simple.” But I bet you didn’t know the term was coined by Kelly Johnson, a lead engineer for Lockheed Skunk Works, while he was helping develop some of the most insanely complicated spy planes known to man. This K.I.S.S acronym had nothing to do with social media, in fact social media wasn’t even around, but the acronym serves as a useful reminder for almost all aspects of marketing. As the amount of noise increases and people are constantly bombarded with information, it has become even more important to keep you messages concise and impactful.

The core benefit of social media is free marketing for you brand, there’s no denying that. The easiest way to get you content in front of new eyeballs is to have your fans/brand advocates share the conversation you’ve worked hard to create with their peers. Besides offering up genuinely interesting and engaging content, there are ways to optimize your tweets to make them more sharable.

Twitter definitely understood that when it comes to communication, brevity is the soul of wit. All of us are limited to 140 characters per tweet, but if your tweet uses up all 140 characters, your followers won’t be able to add personal comments to their rewteet, or send it to a friend. With limited time and shrinking attention spans, users have trained themselves to key in on buzzwords and relevant hash tags (#).  Some of the tweets receive are the most shared are the ones that encourage users to retweet. For example, this fun and rather random tweet was shared over 1965 times, but those are the types of things that people are willing to engage with. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

A retweet is the biggest form of social media flattery, and it’s important to remember that the capability to share posts on all social media sites is baked into their design. Make it easy for your users/followers to share your posts and bake it into the design of your posts when you craft them. Keep it simple and sharable.

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