Reducing The Noise: Twitter

As promised in a previous post, we mentioned we would be giving you guys some guidance for more success with your business and even personal Twitter accounts. With that being said, we are going to do a small series of posts that focus on helping your tweets cut through the clutter and noise to help you accomplish your social media goals, whatever they may be.

The first that needs to be made extremely clear from the get go is that you can’t get caught up in a game of numbers (this could be a whole post on its own!). As we all know, there is no precise mathematical equation for determining the ROI of a Twitter follower. There have been some studies, this one listing the monthly value of a follower at $2.38 and the monthly cost at $1.67, but any equation is quickly thrown out of the window when Bill Gates starts following you. Your goal should never be to have more Twitter followers that your main competitor. Twitter may be a digital community, but the communication is real, and your goal should be to foster the development of brand advocates. If you find the next couple of articles helpful, please, share them with your colleagues and peers, Let’s dive in!

One of the major changes social media has had on our society is that we now receive breaking news on instantaneously via the Internet on sites like Twitter. Say goodbye to the 6 O’clock news. Not only is it exciting to hear about information as it’s actually happening, it’s even more thrilling to be a part of the conversation. Your brand needs to jump at any chance to be part of a social conversation that revolves around breaking news relating to your industry. Try using free services like Tweetdeck that allow you to monitor trends or specific topics. This will act as a never ending follow of inspiration content. One of the greatest things, but also one of the hardest things about social media, is that people are rewarded for originality and creativity; this can make it difficult to make every tweet feel like “your best tweet ever.” Which is fine, but ask yourself, “Would I find this tweet useful? Informational? Entertaining? Would I click the link?” If you find the answer to these questions being “No” more than “Yes,” it’s time to rethink your posting strategy.

Your followers are most likely following some of the same sources or people that you are and easily grow tired of repetitive retweets building up in their new feeds. If you see something that is worth passing along to your followers from a major news source, take the time to repackage the tweet and make it your own. No need to reinvent the wheel here. If it’s a link to an article, take the link and personalize some quick copy that make the news relevant to your organization. Change up the context or perspective of the information and make it your own instead of just retweeting it. People are following you because they want to hear what YOUR perspective. Your job isn’t to necessary create news, but to facilitate it in a manner that is conducive to conversation amongst your brand advocates.

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